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The Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church Team Leaders

Lonesome Dove Church Telephone -- 256-595-7029

Tim Collier, Pastor 256-736-3681
D.J. Robertson, Youth Lay Pastor 256-590-3869

Paul Chamblee, Elder 256-708-8668
Tommy Dutton, Elder 256-339-3060
Tim Pinkard, Elder 256-708-5088

Kevin Brown, Arena Minister 256-338-3633
Van Johnson, Team Leader Arena Ministry 256-738-5418
Pete Kirby, Team Leader Sound/Music Team 256-708-7599
Keith Hunt, Team Leader Care Team 256-507-0254
Joan Thompson, Team Leader Love Team 256-595-4383
Lori Ritchey, Public Relations/Marketing Team 756-748-5410
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Prayer Requests
The Youth and Their Team Leaders
Pastor Tim Collier and his family
All Team Leaders
20/20 Vision
Unspoken and spoken
The sick and afflicted spoken and unspoken
Military & their families
New Believers
Lost People
Our Nation
One Another
Christians around the world suffering and dying for what they believe INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !